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Family Medicine in Elmhurst, NY

Our Practice and Our Mission
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Our Practice
The practice is a Queens-based primary care medical practice for adults and children whose aim is to be a comprehensive patient-centered/family-centered “medical home” to the community of Western Queens – Astoria, Corona, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Long Island City, Maspeth, Sunnyside, and Woodside. The practice will provide premier coordinated primary medical care that is affordable, respectful, culturally-competent, and electronically-based with measurable and modifiable quality care indicators.
Our Mission
A Comprehensive Patient-Centered/Family-Centered Medical Home
The practice aims to provide “one-stop” medical care for the community it serves so that an entire family may be seen by one medical provider if they choose to do so. It will strive to be a “medical home” for its patients by actively coordinating the care a patient receives across multiple settings, and by activating its patients to become active participants in the delivery of their health care.
Patients will be asked to provide continuous feedback on the how to best serve their needs. The practice will ensure that each patient enters a partnership with their personal health care provider, who will provide a regular source of primary care, which is associated with better health outcomes at lower costs. Patients (and family members) can contribute to this partnership by providing pertinent information to their medical history such as medications, recent reports from specialists and emergency room/hospital visits, and information about care received outside of our clinic.
Patients will have a better experience through improved health care access, electronic communication with the practice and their health care provider through the Patient Portal, walk-in/same-day appointments, expanded health care hours during the evenings and weekends.
Affordable Medical Care
Uninsured and incompletely insured patients will be charged affordable prices based on household size and income. Federal poverty guidelines (FPG) will determine what percentage patients will be charged for the professional medical service they receive, if uninsured.
Respectful Individualized/Personalized Medical Care
The staff will respect each patient regardless of age, disability, linguistic ability, gender, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status. The staff recognizes that all patients have unique circumstances that require an extra level of understanding to create plans of care that work and are appropriate to the particular health care and educational needs of the patient.
Electronically-Based Medical Care
The staff will become well-versed in the application of an electronic health care record (EHR) in the management of patient health information, maintenance of patient confidentiality, improvement in access to health care services, notification and reminders of preventative health care surveillance, management of chronic disease care through patient registries, billing and other practice management functions.
Quality-Driven Medical Care
The use of an EHR has the advantage of providing chronic disease care management through the use of disease registries that monitor measurable health care indicators. Referrals, consultations, and laboratory results can be better coordinated and managed with the assistance of an electronic monitoring system.
Compassionate Medical Care
The staff will be empathetic to the health care situation of its patients and will strive to mutually work with the patient towards mutually-satisfactory resolutions.